The Plan – Grid Bot Gold: Phase 1 Crypto Trading Course Review



Everybody already knows that Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is rapidly growing and that it isn’t going away, but actually getting rapidly involved in people’s daily lives as the world’s biggest institutions are adopting the blockchain decentralized technology along with digital currencies. World’s central banks are creating their own digital currencies called CBDC, which literally stands for the “Central Bank Digital Currency”, and they allowed other cryptocurrencies to be treated as a legal tender while offering the collateral in cryptocurrencies to their customers. Big corporations from the financial sector like PayPal, VISA, and Master Card already started to massively buying into the crypto, investing hundreds of millions so they are not late to the party.

And there are many more indicators that this is the direction that its going, you could do your own research and just keep on digging more and more evidence proving this not anymore theory but rather a solid fact.

So, now the question is, “What is the best Plan to benefit from this mass global financial shift?”

The answer is exactly in the question. The Best plan is The PLAN!



In the beginning of this year, a clever man whose name is Dan Hollings, started teaching to small groups of people that were named The Plan Beta 1, 2, and 3 groups the ways and strategies to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies and gain incredible returns.

The profit that Dan and all of his students are able to make by trading crypto using automated grid bot trading software are much higher than anybody else. And the very best things about The Plan strategy is that it’s the safest way to trade crypto with lowest risk of losing money or not making any money.

The truth is that Dan has spent thousands of dollars and hours for the last 4 years trying to figure this out, and he did.

So he created the step by step process that can be replicated to get the same, similar, or even better results with as little work as possible.

I can with a clear consciousness say that I have never ever seen anything like this in the online marketing, trading, or investing space, when EVERYBODY can literally replicate the same result with very little effort.

But let me be very clear.

The Plan is not any magic trick or loophole that will make everybody rich over night, that’s not what I am saying. First, it takes money to make money, and in this case in order to make The Plan work, everyone needs to have at least $3000 plus about $50 each month for the subscription to the grid bot trading software as bare minimum. I someone can scoop $6000 or $12000, even better. But as Dan Hollings says, nobody should really put in more than $25000, even if they have more, and the main reason is that Dan likes to play super safe when it comes to money.

In fact, Dan is the most safety concerned guy when it comes to trading and investing that I’ve ever seen, trust me.

Dan Hollings’ Career Background

People who been around the internet marketing for a long time know that Dan Hollings is kind of a Legend. He invented and started using various new strategies and business models in marketing space before anyone else, which successfully lead him to become the main marketing expert and leader behind the highly successful and popular movie, The Secret. There hasn’t been an area in marketing space that Dan wouldn’t explore and effectively employ in his businesses going from chewing gum ball machines installed in shops, Amazon eCommerce selling physical products, to becoming one of the biggest experts on crypto trading and investing.


Who Is The Plan For?

  • In short, The Plan is for everybody, period.
  • If you are serious about your financial future, and want to be a few steps ahead, The Plan Phase 1: – Grid Bot Gold is absolutely perfect for you.

Who Is The Plan Not For?

  • The Plan may not be for people who prefer the risk and gamble style of trading and investing, which The Plan has absolutely nothing to do with.
  • If someone’s too afraid of losing a bit of money or they need the money for something very important, The Plan may not be for them, no one should sacrifice their lifestyle or the only asset/capital they have.

So, if there are a few of thousands sitting in your that you wouldn’t miss for the next few months, and would like to 10x your portfolio, then get The Plan.


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